I’m all for institutions getting in the habit of limiting unnecessary air travel. But too often, that turns into critiquing flying—but only when climate activists do it.

There’s something twisted about the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs new ban on employees flying to climate conferences. When asked for clarification, Foreign Secretary Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr. explained that employees could choose to participate online, and otherwise could choose to swim from the island nation.

The Center for Energy, Ecology and Development, a local environmental NGO, pushed back, according to CNN Philippines:

“The Philippines’ presence in the Climate Talks presents the country an opportunity to echo the voice of vulnerable nations in the global discussion on climate action and to urge other countries to raise their level of commitment to solving the crisis”

CEED added that when the government refuses to participate in climate talks, that it gives industrialized economies “further license to escape” accountability for climate change.